Psychology and Cultures laboratory

The “Psychology and Cultures” laboratory, of the School of Psychology at Université Laval, is a place of teaching and research on cross-cultural issues met by psychology both as a science and a practice.

By “cross-cultural issues”, we mean the need to develop a critical view on research and intervention practices in psychology. This critical assessment is made by the confrontation of dominant models considered as universal and mostly developed in Northern universities, with other realities. These realities can be located elsewhere and be subject to comparisons. They can also appear through contacts between cultural groups during migration, humanitarian interventions, exchanges with native peoples … and many other phenomena of culture contacts. This approach postulates that all human phenomena are cultural and that this human dimension cannot be discharged either in theory or in practice. Through its research and teaching activities, the laboratory provides a conceptual framework that allows for this cultural dimension in all situations (mono-or multicultural).

The site is a reflection of the laboratory: a place mixed by its collaborators, its research interests (social and cultural representations of daily life, human development, eating habits, migration processes, intercultural intervention, sleep and cultures, relationship with the Other in health communities …) and its methodological approaches.

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