Research interests

The laboratory brings together two teams with diverse and complementary research interests:

  • Professor Lavallee’s main research interests deal with adult cognitivo-ethical development in different life spheres, such as educational, social and vocational, and on identity development.  Much of her work has also been dedicated in studying acculturative process viewed as a complex period in immigrants’ personal development. Another field of work that she has conducted deals with children’s social representations of food and television in relation to family habits and publicity.  More recently, in collaboration with Mexican researchers, she is working on academic alphabetization and personal epistemological development of future psychologists.
  • Professor Leanza's research interests concern cross-cultural intervention, in particular by a series of researches on working with interpreters (in mental health as in physical medicine): their roles and the consequences on the clinical interaction. Two other areas of research are in development: (1) sleep and cultures, apprehended in comparative researches across several socio-cultural contexts (currently Brazil, Argentina and Quebec) and (2) the relation to the Other in health centers, which is embedded in the continuation of the work on intercultural intervention.


Below are the links to research projects currently funded: