Juan Manuel Luna Ortega, Ph.D.

Ph.D. title : Sense of family among Mexican, Quebecois and French young adults in a globalisation context

Ph.D. supervisor: Yvan Leanza

Research interests:
-Politico-economic globalization as a source of social inequality in the "developing countries"
-Community psychology as a tool for the development of disadvantaged communities (power to act and think)
-Adaptation of migrant families in Quebec
-Development of subjectivity in postmodernity
-Construction of the family system in modern times (social representations, issues, arrangements and processing)

Higher education: B.A. in Psychology, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana - Xochimilco, Mexico

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Luna-Ortega, J., M. (2009). Famille et mondialisation : une relation vraiment inconcevable ou seulement négligée? Association pour la recherche interculturelle, 47, 4-14.